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This is my first game, and my first game jam. This started out as some practice before teaching a game design unit to my students, then I got sucked in.

I knew I wanted to convert a single button press into multiple inputs. I started thinking about creating somesort of binary tapping system, and landed on this model of mulltiple taps. With the mechanic locked down, I came up with the context. Your squadmate is stuck, and you need to flash your light to communicate obstacles. While the context works, I was incapable of making the artwork to really sell the idea, so I stuck with my abstract Unity primatives...a little relaxing music to set an entirely different tone to the game.

I did push out a WebGL build from Unity, but I suggest downloading it for the best experience.

How to Play

  • One of your squadmates has become separated from the rest of the squad.
  • You must guide him through the fields using only your flashlight. Use any key to flash the light.
    • One flash, move forward.
    • Two flash, move left.
    • Three flash, move right.
    • Four flash, move backward.
  • Stay on the path, and avoid the patrols and make it to the safe zone, the red tile.

Future Plans

  • Perhaps build out some artwork. Low poly characters for the player and the 'enemy' patrol. Some graphics for mines, barbed wired, etc.
  • Redesign the levels. The level progress in difficulty, but if I put more time into it, it could make the game much nicer to play.
  • Implement tap inputs for mobile devices.
  • Perhaps a level selection screen, unlocking each one.

Any and all feedback is welcome!

Made withUnity

Install instructions

Download and unpack zip file. Run executable.


GuidingLight_build002.zip 15 MB
GuidingLightBuild003WebGL.zip 10 MB

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